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Our customers call us first-class quality home builders. If you are looking for a home for life, then you have come to the right place.

Cuarzo Developments is one of Limassol’s most thriving home development companies. We boast ourselves of being one of Limassol’s premium-quality contractors with an inherited 35 years’ experience under our belt.

We are meticulous about top -quality workmanship, which is what sets us apart from most competition. We build for life, and we mean it.

Our in-house engineers and architects are involved in the design, engineering, and construction supervision, as well as interior and landscape design of all the houses we build, allowing us to capture even the minute details that make all the difference.

This principle allows us to create energy efficient homes that save on energy bills, structurally sound structures that allow for no cracks, settlements or other imperfections, top finishes with the market’s leading materials, and visually captivating spaces that merge with the nature and create a feeling of wellbeing, while still respecting the environment.

Over the years, we have expanded and endorsed new methods of construction in line with European Standards, always loyal to our traditional values of delivering buildings for life that also reflect the modern times we are living in.

Our sister, contractor branch, C&E Christoforou Contractors is a by-name for top-quality construction in Limassol since 1979; building some of Limassol’s landmarks as well as many homes and apartment blocks that are still standing tall and proud in Limassol, even after 35 years of construction life.

Together we are celebrating 35 years of building excellence.

We are a customer-focused team. We take great pride in customer service and ensure that before and after you move in any of our properties you will be given professional service and care from our team. We are proud of our high integrity heritage and continue to deliver our new customers a one-on-one service.

When purchasing a property from our companies you can expect:

-Competitive prices for unrivaled structural and architectural quality and building construction.
-Guaranteed title deeds
-Flexible payment conditions (e.g., property exchange and payment in installments for low-income clients)
-Ownership with 30% down payment
-Quality guarantee and after sale service (subject to the property)