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Contracting your Project

Cuarzo Constructions is committed to provide you with a highly competitive quote. All our quotes come with official terms and conditions and legal guarantees, e.g. bank guarantee and quality guarantee, to make sure you and the quality of the delivered product, are secured.
We strive to provide competitive quotes based exclusively on your needs and vision. If you have been given a cheaper quote please do not hesitate to contact us and request a review for your quote. It is likely that we will be able to beat other quotes you may already have.

Although we can tender for work in the traditional way, at Cuarzo Constructions we are happy to offer an alternative: Open-book tendering with guaranteed margins.
So how does open-book tendering work? When we are invited to price a project, we’ll break our figures down into the schedule of works that you specify. We also agree our labour rates with you in advance that take into account our office administration costs. Then, when an invoice is issued, it is accompanied by a spreadsheet showing every supplier cost that our invoice covers, together with the hours that our employees have worked on your job. Extras are only ever incurred with your knowledge and following an Architect’s Instruction and therefore you have a firm control over your costs. Not only that, but if there is a more efficient and economic way in which part of the project can be executed, then you can benefit from that saving whilst being safe in the knowledge that no corners have been cut in the build. Every business has to make a profit and we do this by agreeing a profit percentage on turnover in advance. This profit is invoiced monthly on the project turnover which has already been invoiced and certified.

We specialise in complicated projects, whether they are listed historic building refurbishments or difficult sites where the honest, transparent method of open-book tendering really comes into its own by us not having to cost the risk into our price. The client pays for only what is needed to complete the project.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Planning Application Process

If you are puzzled with the legalities and the process you have to follow to get the right permissions without wasting your time, we may be able to help. However, as a minimum requirement it is needed to have completed the architectural drawings for a new building construction.

Since our establishment we work close with local authorities and government departments as part of our work. Our services include:
-Planning and Building application process
-Title Deed application process for newly constructed and existing properties.
-Land surveying and setting out e.g. property boundaries and application process.

Quantity Surveying

Once you are ready to proceed to the tendering process, it is a common practice to prepare the list of quantities for material and workmanship needed for your project.  A proper list of quantities is a planning and record instrument for you during the building process of your home. Cuarzo Constructions can provide you with a RICS certified bill of quantities on a given fee.
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Our Design service is structured in a trouble-free way, in a way that you share your thoughts, concerns and requests to just one party. It is much likely that we will beat any quotes you may already have. This is because we strive to fight public bureaucracy and cut hidden and unnecessary costs during the design process.

If you look for clever, innovative architectural ideas, we may be able to help you.
We work with some of the best recognized architects in the island who boast remarkable samples of architecture and a proven track record in the industry. You will have the chance to change anything you may request as many times it is necessary for your absolute satisfaction. Cuarzo Constructions will walk you side by side through this process.

Once you feel happy with the design, you will be then informed about other important considerations of your project e.g. structural, energy rating etc. The work will be undertaken from our in house engineers and the designs will be interpreted to you in a simple but clear way, to make sure that you understand everything.
Our task is to provide you with a high standard of service that suits your needs together with a reasonable-affordable quotation so you can proceed to the tendering process either with or without our contribution.
It is likely that we will be able to beat other quotes you may have.